In Case Of Uncontrollable Emotions, Play Mauwe’s “Smoked A Pack”

Burn away your feelings.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

UK duo, Mauwe, taps into the ambivalence that derives from the matters of the heart in their brand new single “Smoked A Pack.” Built on glistening synth beats and smoky ambience, “Smoked A Pack” radiates a burning melody where different emotions are scattered like ashes. It is meditative, dance-worthy, and smudged with moodiness. Light it up:

“‘Smoked A Pack’ is about dealing with feelings you’ve developed for someone you don’t want to have feelings for, and the turmoil that can create mentally and emotionally,” explained Mauwe. “In the past, we’ve both been more likely to smoke when stressed, and that’s what the concept represents for us. However, smoking is bad for your kids, don’t do it!”

The track is the follow up of their widely successful debut single “That’s All,” which has already accumulated a million streams on Spotify. Formed out of serendipity, Mauwe is quickly becoming one of the most promising synthpop acts in the UK. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.