Jade The Moon Shares Tarantino-Inspired Song “Hotels”

Inspired by Tarantino’s 4 ROOMS

Photo: Courtesy of Jade The Moon

Toronto band, Jade The Moon, capture the ambivalent combination of uncertainty and excitement that comes for traveling artists in “Hotels.” Whether you are in a creative field or not, if you lead a nomadic lifestyle, “Hotels” speaks to the exhilaration that we get from novelty. But it also conveys the heftiness that doubt and fear of the unknown can bring to us. The crooning female vocals and laid-back, dreamy beats make “Hotels” a reflection of being in-between places:

“Living out of a suitcase can be lonely, exciting, and mysterious all at the same time. Our new song ‘Hotels’ was partially inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s 4 ROOMS (we actually had it playing on silent in studio) and the band’s real world experiences with life on the road. In writing this new single we hoped to capture the psyche of the traveling artist that welcomes the feeling of the unknown and undone.” explained Jade The Moon.

“Hotels” is from their upcoming album 11:11, which will be out in early 2018. Jade The Moon is the collaborative project between Vancouver artist Jade Moon and Toronto producers Bad Cop // Mean Cop. They debuted their EP, Habits & Hindrance, back in November 2015.