Surma Takes Us Into An Ambient Psyche Journey With Her LP ‘Antwerpen’

A record for nomads longing for home.

Photo: Hugo Domew

Portuguese artist Surma taps into our desire in finding a place we can call home in her debut LP Antwerpen. The 10-track album feels like a surrealistic ambient journey where the blend of psyche elements, galactic trance, and outré beats bring natural sounds with the artificial. Each track is titled in different language that translate to words such as ‘travel’ and ‘place.’ Despite the connotative mobility, Antwerpen feels like an album for nomads who are in search for a stable place. Stream below:

Débora Umbelino is the mastermind behind Surma who is originally from Leiria. Antwerpen was released on October 26th via Omnichord Records and has already received critical acclaim from the media. She has recently been announced to perform at SXSW, following her shows at The Alt Escape and Reeperbahn Festival. As of now, Surma is currently on tour:

11/3 – Salão Brasil (Coimbra, Portugal)

11/4 – Carmo 81 (Viseu, Portugal)

11/8 – GrETUA (Aveiro, Portugal)

11/10 – Bang Venue (Lisboa, Portugal)

11/11 – Books and Movies (Alcobaca, Portugal)

11/16 – Museu Júlio Dinis (Aveiro, Portugal)

11/17 – ACERT (Tondela, Portugal)

11/18 – Espaço A (Paços De Ferreira, Portugal)

11/30 – Rock With Benefits (Fafe, Portugal)

12/2 – CAE (Figueira Da Foz, Portugal)

12/8 – Indieror (Chaves, Portugal)

12/9 – Brangança (Braganca, Portugal)

12/15 – CAE (Porto Alegre, Portugal)

12/16 – She (Evora, Portugal)

12/22 – Teatro José Lúcio da Silva (Leiria, Portugal)