Monti Gives Us A Raw Portrayal Of An Artist’s Grit In “Echo” Ft. Josh Stevens

Story of aspiring fashion design student Reggie Snowden.

Photo: Monti – Echo ft Josh Stevens (Official Visual Video) YouTube

Monti demolishes the deceiving glamour that surrounds creative field, especially in LA, in her new video “Echo” featuring Josh Stevens. The video follows Reggie Snowden, an aspiring fashion design student in LA, who takes buses and trains from Inglewood to North Hollywood early in the morning to get to his class. If you add the glacial LA traffic on top, you can tell that Reggie spends one third of his day commuting. And this is aside from the graveyard night shifts he works each evening. Fuck motivational quotes on sunset backgrounds; “Echo” is the raw representation of true grit:

After listening to Reggie’s story, Josh Stevens teamed up with video director Matt Champagin to capture a snapshot of Reggie’s routine. “Echo” speaks to Reggie’s struggles, but also resonates Monti’s own tough upbringing. The songstress was born into an alcohol/drug-abusing home and grew up hopscotching in foster care systems. In “Echo,” Monti conveys hope and emotional weight through the moody synths that we carry during hard times. Co-written by Josh Stevens (LMFAO, Calvin Harris, The Game), “Echo” gives us an unfiltered insight into what it takes to be an artist today.