Saint Raymond Captures The Madness Of Tour Life In “We Are Fire”

Revitalizing rock.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Saint Raymond scratches our reward center with his latest single “We Are Fire” – a thundering piece of invigorating rock that fuels your adrenalines as if you were in a festival. Inspired by his personal experience with tour life, “We Are Fire” captures the brilliant pandemonium that music can often drive people into – both literally and figuratively. Whether it is getting Mad Crowd Disease or struggling to juggle a musical career, “We Are Fire” radiates the energy that pushes us (but also burns us out) to power through the mayhem. Stream below:

“I wrote this song in the midst of touring and festivals madness. ‘We Are Fire’ is an energetic song and I think it epitomizes the emotions of the highs and lows and the whole rollercoaster ride I was on at the time with life and music.” shared Saint Raymond.

“We Are Fire” is from Saint Raymond’s upcoming EP, A Light That Blinds, which will be out on November 17th.