Natali Felicia Immerses Us Into Solidarity In “Say It”

Let’s join forces.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Swedish poptress Natali Felicia calls for solidarity in her anti-repression song “Say It.” It is a mesmeric piece that delves you into a contemplative soundscape where you swim with the fluidity of the melody. Natali’s crooning vocals is a cry for not only resisting repression, but actively fighting it. Stream below:

“‘Say It’ is simply a song about people uniting to be stronger together. I wanted to paint a vision of people joining forces ready to speak up and fight together – as we are and will always be stronger together.” shared Natali.

Natali is already a well-known figure in Sweden, being the daughter of the famous Swedish actor Kjell Bergqvist and TV personality/former Miss Sweden, Yvonne Ryding. Her previous singles “Used To Be” and “Easy Ride” have already accumulated 2.6 million streams on Spotify. As of now, the songstress is preparing to release her debut record.