Nadine’s “Ultra Pink” Is the Perky Pop You Can Unwind With Any Day

For chilling, dreaming, studying, & killing time.

Photo: Jimmy Magliozzi

Nadine’s newest single “Ultra Pink” is the type of music you can have in the background for hours no matter what mood you’re in – it is perfect for unwinding, chilling, studying, and falling asleep. Built on perky arrangements of chords, “Ultra Pink” has small tints of jazz elements on a dreamy atmosphere. Lyrically, the track talks about resisting the stereotypes that people often try to cage us in and being aware that can do something before doing it. It’s the type of muse that you can spend hours daydreaming:

Nadine is a trio comprised of Phantom Posse and Ava Luna who will be releasing their debut album, oh my, which will be out on January 26, 2018 via Father/Daughter Records.