Black Futures New Video “Love” Ft. P.O.S. Is A Cryptic Hypnosis

Kaleidoscopically coded message about love.

Photo: Black Futures – Love ft. P.O.S YouTube

Industrial noise-punk duo Black Futures swirls ancient and futuristic aesthetics in their new video “Love” ft. P.O.S. It feels like watching hypnosis video where you see patterns that resemble ancient civilization’s aesthetics expanding before you eyes. But at the same time, it could as well be a hidden message from the aliens. The ominous melodic undertones and enigmatic patterns make “Love” an otherworldly experience that transcends your senses:

“Love” is the follow up of their debut single “Karma Ya Dig!?”, which has been making waves on the radio. The mysterious London-based duo has been keeping a low profile regarding their identities, but expect to hear more bangers from them.

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