Ea Kaya Gives Us An Uncensored “Remedy” of Toxic Romance

For heartbreak lovers.

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

“You can fuck it up if you want to, I still need you / I don’t give fuck cus I want you, I still need you” chants Ea Kya. The Danish poptress gives us an uncensored, intimate admittance of a self-destructive relationship in her new single “Remedy.” Polished with rhythmic trimmings and f-bomb verses, “Remedy” is a synthpop piece that has the hooky edginess of uncensored pop:

“‘Remedy’ is a song about toxic love. In a relationship, it’s rare that both parties want each other equally. As soon as you start catching feelings for someone, you can’t help but get a little addicted. If you’re down, he’s able to make you forget your problems for a little while and he becomes a remedy to your dark sides. It’s risky though, because if he finds out, he might take advantage of the power he has over you…” shared Ea Kaya.

Christine Kilberg is the mastermind behind Ea Kaya who has already hit 1 million views on Youtube at the age of 15. She has already played in Spot Festival and has been garnering attention from the media for her voice. Ea Kaya is planning to release her second single in January 2018 and will be sharing more music next year.