Get Hypnotized With Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes’ “Swim Deep”

Let’s dive into the dreamy waters.

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes sounds like a solo act of a true hipster who wears glasses, tucked shirt, and combs his mustache every morning in his home in Silver Lake. But to burst your bubble, it’s actually a Swedish dream pop quartet who crafts chillvanic fluid of euphoria that massages the deepest levels of your consciousness. The quartet’s latest single “Swim Deep” evokes imageries of the most chill lake you can think of and mesmerizes you with its soft, dense synths that breathes into you. Stream below:

“Swim Deep” is from their upcoming debut EP Four Waters, which will be out on November 24th. Comprised of Edvin Arleskär (drums), Tilde Hansen (vocals, bass), Siri Sjöberg (vocals, synth) and Elias Mahfoud (vocals, guitar), Buscemi formed via Twitter when Hansen tweeted out he was looking to form a new band. Since then, the band has landed in Billboard, radios, and Spotify playlists. As of now, the quartet has some show dates coming up:

11/11 – Klubb HYMN (Stockholm, Sweden)

11/17 – Ember Festival (Uddevalla, Sweden)

11/18 – Bengans (Gothenburg, Sweden)