Indigo Husk’s “Waste Of A Year” Is The Self-Help Breakup Song For The Hopeless

“I used to let you pop my pimples”

Photo: Courtesy of Top Button Digital

UK garage rockers Indigo Husk may not give you inspirational quotes or podcasts to get over your breakup, but they will bring sweet garage punk into your ears that will remind you of all the precious time you’ve wasted dating that asshole. “Waste Of A Year” carries a punch of teenage humor that describes a romance without any filters – we’re not talking about rated R materials, but gross shit that couples do to each other like popping each other’s pimples. If you feel confused and lonely, YES you are ALONE. And NO, it won’t get better. The only thing that gets better is this song:

“‘Waste Of A Year’ is a self-help break up song. It challenges that ‘angry phase’ after a break p that so many people go through, where they feel like they have wasted their time with the wrong person. The track is our heaviest yet and it intends to serve the purpose of recharging the listener’s batteries, potentially after a difficult break-up where they might feel lost and angry” shared Indigo Husk.

Indigo Husk is a London quartet who has been songsculpting with punk, lo-fi, and garage elements. They recently wrapped up sold-out headline shows across UK and supported Will Joseph Cook. As of now, the four-piece does not have any new show dates.