Baker Grace’s “Day I Die” Is The Anti-Distraction Song You’ll Be Distracted With

YOLO 2.0

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

New Jersey rising songstress, Baker Grace, flexes her vocal muscles in her new single “Day I Die” where her crispy and mesmeric voice reminds us that life is too short not to YOLO. And by YOLO she doesn’t mean partying (although you can with this track), on the contrary, the lyrics come from an ambitious place of the 16-year-old who makes us see our life from a larger perspective. Play below:

“‘Day I Die’ is ironically about living. It is about making the most of life in the short time that we have, reaching our full potential, and avoiding the things that distract us from achieving our goals” shared Baker.

Although the song is about anti-distraction, you can’t help but indulge in it for hours. If this is the type of distraction you need to fuel back your motivation, then it’s a good distraction.