KYLYPSO’s “Cosmic Dolphins” Is What Happens When The Universe Has An Accident

Song born out of a glorious computer fu…

Photo: Lost In The Manor PR

East London trio KYLYPSO shared their latest offspring that was born out of accident titled “Cosmic Dolphins.” The track was initially conceived when the trio started mashing some drum samples with a field recording of some street in Japan (don’t ask us why). But due to technological issues, their original recording got overturned and slowed down, metamorphosing into the banger that is now. They call it serendipity. We call it an exquisite computer fuckup fate:

“Cosmic Dolphins” is from the trio’s upcoming debut EP, Soon Fun, which will be out on November 24th. KYLYPSO’s sound is what you would expect if Tame Impala mated with Caribou out of wedlock – sinfully indulgent and slightly stoned. As of now, the trio has a show date coming up:

12/8 – Carmelite Cafe (London, UK)