Make George Clooney Happy By Playing Cherryade’s “My Town”

The duo that George Clooney named his twins after

Photo: Courtesy of Cherryade

Cherryade is not just any explosive trip hop duo from the UK – no, this superpower duo’s name needs to be overdosed so when you’re drunk at your Xmas party, you will still remember the names and yell at the DJ to play it. And the DJ will. Why? Cus George Clooney named his twins after them. We. Are. Fucking. Serious. If you wonder why on earth he did that (how dare you), then listen to the duo’s latest single “My Town.” It is like listening to electropop and hip-hop banging each other on steroids:

“It’s so important for us to be great role models to our fans, even if they decide to rob banks and masturbate like the inspirational lyrics in our song. We hope George Clooney’s twins grow up to be just as inspirational as Cherryade” shared Ella and Alex from Cherryade.

The duo has already garnered international support for their ability to make us eargasm with singles such as “Blah Blah.” So ditch Mariah Carey and add both tracks to your Xmas playlist.


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