The Limiñanas Share New Garage-Psyche Single “Shadow People” Ft. Emmanuelle Seigner

Dedicated to all of us who have ‘paranormal glue’ stuck to us.

Photo: Courtesy of Big Mouth PR

French psychedelia/garage pop duo The Limiñanas bring an old American myth to life with their new single “Shadow People” featuring the vocals of the French actress Emmanuelle Seigner. Utilizing strikes of raw chords, sparkling synths, and jangling keyboards, The Limiñanas create a rhythmic whirlwind that takes you on a dreamy, otherworldly dimension. The vocals of Emmanuelle add a sharp and dreamy touch to the track, giving “Shadow People” an extra dynamic glow:

“The shadow people are an American myth, they are described as furtive apparitions, comparable to ghosts observable from the corner of the eye. These ‘spirits’ accompany throughout your all life, a sort of paranormal glue stuck to you… Emmanuelle came to visit us in the South of France, and we asked her to sing ‘Shadow People’ with Renaud Picard, the singer from Hair and the Iotas. We recorded it in just a few minutes over an afternoon…” shared the band.

“Shadow People” is from the duo’s upcoming EP Istanbul Is Sleepy, which will be out on November 17th on Because Music. Comprised of Marie (drums/vocals) and Lionel (guitar/bass/keyboard/vocals), the duo is originally started in October 2009 and since then have been blurring the boundaries of experimental, pop, psychedelia, and shoegaze music. They have tour dates coming up:

Europe 2017 tour

11/17 – Rock School Barbey (Bordeaux, France)

12/7 – La Maroquinerie (Paris, France)

Europe 2018 tour

3/9 – Paul B (Massy, France)

3/10 – L’Aéronef (Lille, France)

3/16 – La Coopérative de Mai (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

3/23 – La Cave à Musique (Mâcon, France)

3/29 – Le Trianon (Paris, France)

3/30 – Le Chabada (Angers, France)

3/31 – Le Confort Moderne (Poitiers, France)

4/21 – Salle Cap Caval (Penmarc’h, France)