Apothek’s Rework Of Kimbra’s “Everybody Knows” Is Visceral & Will Hit You In The Gut

Simplicity embedded with complex details.

Photo: Anne Valeur

Norwegian duo Apothek adds its own smoky and visceral touch to Kimbra’s “Everybody Knows.” Their approach is deceptively minimalistic – by keeping the melody levelheaded, any intricate detail or small twist in the synths raises your goosebumps. It almost feels like they place you in a hypnotic state where they teasingly bring you in and out of it. Stream below:

“‘Everybody Knows’ has this extremely powerful chorus and it could easily be a much louder experience in a busier soundscape, but I really enjoyed putting this song in a mellow and contemplative environment full of acoustic warped sounds where it could take as much or as little space as it needed. Sometimes it feels soulful, warm and free – other times it feels a bit wound up and expressive. I like that duality” shared Nils Martin Larsen from Apothek.

Kimbra’s latest single is from her upcoming third record Primal Heart, which also features contributions from Skrillex, Childish Gambino, and David Logstreth. As of now, Apothek are working on their second album while Kimbra is currently touring across Europe. “Everybody Knows” (Apothek Rework) will be out via Warner this Friday, November 17th.