Megan Bülow’s “Not A Love Song” Is The Anti-Commitment Anthem For Non-Lovers

Rising synthpop songstress from Netherlands.

Photo: Courtesy of Megan Bülow

We’ve all been there. You meet someone who is smoking hot, but for some bizarre reason you half-ass your commitment to them – like the way you’ll do with an iPad. At first, you can’t help playing a bunch of games for months then the novelty wears out. Megan Bülow captures that phenomenon in her new single “Not A Love Song” where she takes us into an upbeat waltz with glimmering sharp beats and crisply ringing vocals. It is playful and genuine, where Megan confesses lust without love. Stream below:

“‘Not A Love Song’ is about the excitement of meeting someone for the first time. Initially it feels so new and overwhelmingly good, but eventually I decided I wasn’t ready for that commitment. Or at least that’s what I told myself. You can’t let lust fool you. Be honest with yourself, If it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be, but doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!” shared Megan.

Originally from Netherlands, Megan is a 17-year-old rising songstress who will be graduating high school in 2018 and pursuing music in Canada afterwards. “Not A Love Song” is from her debut EP Damaged Vol.1, which is out now and includes two other tracks.