RYDER Takes Us Into A Royal State Of Love In “King”

“I’m sipping Champaign with the love of my life”

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

LA-based songstress RYDER takes us into a delicately vibrant crossover between pop and soul with her new single “King.” With tints of jazz and smoky ambience, RYDER glorifies the impact that love can have on people with royalty imageries. It is seductive and catchy that feels like a crossover between Solange and SIA. Stream below:


“‘King’ is a celebratory song about how love can be this power another human has that just reigns over you. Something I find really exciting is that now especially in 2017 the title “King” has become a universal term for both genders, women have taken it on just as men have. I wanted to make a song about honoring love, man to woman, woman to man, man to man, woman to woman. I think the way to truly reach a higher level of acceptance and equality in our world is to elevate everyone and spread some of that love around” shared RYDER.

The single is the follow up of her Hype Machine-topper “Nirvana,” which has been making waves in the blogsphere and playlists. For the past 6 months, RYDER has been working on new music and is planning to release an EP soon.