7Chariot’s “Ricochet” Is Gritty, Edgy Pop For Self-Saboteurs

“What if we fall apart? / What if my emotions ricochet?”

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

Nashville-based poptress 7Chariot has debuted her single “Ricochet” where she takes us into the gritty waters of contemporary pop that reminds you of the likes such as Sylvan Esso, Lorde, and Grimes. It is intricately constructed, bass-fueled pop where the vocals of 7Chariot feels visceral as she navigates through the distrust and doubts that can cloud a relationship that seems too good to be true. Dance to it:

“‘Ricochet’ is a song about the defence mechanism your brain builds when you think the relationship you’re in is too good to be true” explained 7Chariot.

Her moniker 7Chariot derives from a tarot reading her grandma gave when she started her career as musician (her great grandma was a famous medium in Illinois who helped the police find missing people). The Chariot card in the tarot deck is associated with 7, hence the number attached to the name. The rising songstress will start releasing more of her next year, so expect to get your new dose of 7Chariot soon.