No No Yeah Okay Morphs Lucid Dream With Silent Panic In “That Ain’t You”

The sound of distorted dreams.

Photo: No No Yeah Okay Facebook

No No Yeah Okay takes us into the quiet, solitary panic we get when people whom we thought of certain way starts acting differently in their new single “That Ain’t You.” The folksy chords with tinkling drips of synth-drenched beats build an atmosphere that is stained with tints of melancholia and aired with sparkling echoes. Melodically, the song has a dreamy abstraction to it that makes you feels like you’re stepping into a lucid dream where the euphoria is distorted with moodiness – it’s exquisite, but comes with the dooming feeling that you’ll eventually have to wake up (at 4:04). The solution is to just listen to it on-repeat:

In regards to their music, No No Yeah Okay shared “We don’t paint pretty pictures of a glamorous life, we don’t create party anthems, or sing about abstract concepts that anyone could sing about. The lyrics come from experiences and are delivered in a way that ties to a larger narrative; the concept for the project.”

Originally from Milwaukee, No No Yeah Okay is a quartet who formed back in 2014 and has been crafting “lush electronic pop landscape” (according to their Facebook bio) that have been making waves in local radios. “That Ain’t You” is fro their forthcoming EP Cabal, which will be out soon.