Emil Landman Gives Us Warm Winter Vibes In “Falling”

Meet the vocal gem from Netherlands.

Photo: EMIL LANDMAN – FALLING (Official Video) YouTube

You probably heard of the Dutch singer Emil Landman – his singles “Closer” and “Our Bodies” have become streaming hits across the US. Hailing from Netherlands, Emil Landman is not a DJ or electropop artist. On the contrary, he is an indie pop vanguard who toys with elements of folk and soft rock to craft a warm sound that is perfect for this laid-back season. His latest single “Falling” has subtle undertones of ambience and dash of dream pop elements that lock you into a cinematographic soundscape. His animated, noir music video is one that takes you back to childhood:

“Falling” is from Emil’s upcoming EP Vinter, which will be out on February 23rd via V2 Records. As of now, Emil has some show dates coming up:

2017 Europe tour

11/29 – La Chaouée (Metz, France)

11/30 – Kulturcafé Lichtung (Köln, Germany)

12/1 – Kellerhertz Birdland (Hamburg, Germany)

2018 Europe tour

3/17 – Vondelkerk, Paradiso (Amsterdam, Netherlands)