Featurette Pays Tribute To The Decline Of Humanity In “Upside Down”

Pre-apocalpytic pop

Photo: Courtesy of Featurette

Canadian indietronic pop duo Featurette channels their frustrations and perception towards the current political climate in their single “Upside Down.” With stammering echoes and fragmented rhythmic structure, “Upside Down” radiates an intricate complexity using minimalistic ambience. Lexie Jay’s bone-tingling vocals take us into her stream of thoughts where each lyrical line is punctured with pensive rage towards current politics. Stream below:

“‘Upside Down’ is an ode to the decline of our modern world and our values, which for us was punctuated by the US Presidential election, and the fallout thereafter. Everything is so backward lately, we think many of us are feeling it, no matter which side you’re on. When Lexie was writing the lyrics, she couldn’t shake the imagery of Lady Liberty in bed with Donald Trump.” shared Featurette.

Comprised of vocalist Lexie and Jon Fedorsen (drums/production), Featurette debuted their LP, CRAVE, back in 2016 and have made waves in Nothern Europe and New Zealand. “Upside Down” is the duo’s latest single and also a sneak peak into what the two will be giving us next year.