Toto Bona Lokua’s “Ma Mama” Is As Chill As It Sounds

Folksy jazz.

Photo: Courtesy of Partisan PR

Paris-based trio Toto Bona Lokua draws influences from their cultural roots and traditions in their new upcoming album Bondeko, which will be out on January 19, 2018 via the French label Nø Førmat! The trio has shared an appetizer titled “Ma Mama,” which is an exquisite blend of folk elements with jazz that takes us into a profound chillvanic state. Stream below:

The word ‘bondeko’ means ‘friendship’ in the Congolese language of Lingala, which – as you may have guessed – is one of the many languages that the trio can speak. Produced by Laurent Bizot, Bondeko is the follow up of their last album Totobonalokua. As of now, the trio is preparing for the release of their upcoming record next year.