Janeva Reminds Us To Pat Our Shoulders In “Humble Beginnings” Ft. Zensofly

“Remember humble beginnings / When you feel like you’re never winning”

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Aussie songstress Janeva gives us a golden lesson on grit in her new smoothly built R&B single “Humble Beginnings” featuring the North Carolina rapper Zensofly. Starting off with slow smoky beats, “Humble Beginnings” builds up as Janeva’s raspy and rich vocals delicately remind you of staying persistent. Taking you between comfort and vigor, the track has an intimate buildup that reminds you to pat your shoulders once in awhile:

“It’s about persisting through difficult times and not forgetting how far you’ve come and why you started. We all struggle at different times to maintain perspective on our own lives. Sometimes we just need to remember to give ourselves a break and a little bit of credit” shared Janeva.

“Humble Beginnings” is the follow up of Janeva’s debut track “You & I” which has been making waves across the media. As of now, the gal hasn’t shared any record/show announcements yet.