MTNS Create Natural Sounds With Artificial In Their New EP ‘Like A Stone’

Artificially natural

Artwork by Davy Evans

Aussie electronic group MTNS takes us into a cohesive fluidity of introspection with their EP Like A Stone. With gleaming synths and samples, MTNS manipulate the rhythmic pulse of each track’s ambience that takes us from daydreaming to dancing. Using natural elements in conjunction to artificial ones, MTNS stretches their sonic boundaries this time:

“These songs reflect the joining of our histories and differences. Through the process of building this EP we’ve learned a lot about collaboration in music and experienced first-hand its power to bring people together,” MTNS said.

Largely inspired by their families, friends and beliefs. Like A Stone is a new ambitious trajectory for the group and has already accumulated thousands of streams online. Formed back in July 2016, MTNS is comprised of members Tom Eggert, Joseph Thiang, and Robbie Hellberg. As of now, no show dates yet.