Survive Your Heartbreak & Insanity With Physical’s ‘Ride It Out’

Synthpop for sanity

Photo: Liz Platova

New Zealand duo Physical crafts an avant-garde synthpop sound that is introspective, smoky, and multi-dimensional. Their debut record Ride It Out explores the emotional weight we carry as we battle with affairs of the heart and mind. It is the portrayal of genuine, feisty jealousy (“Ride It Out”) and self-destructive lust (“Breaking The Rules”). Physical takes you from the extreme ups and downs of your emotions, but never in-between – these two are certainly not half-assers. This all-or-nothing approach makes Ride It Out a stressfully euphonious experience where the airy melody and rated R honesty strips every emotion at its naked core. Stream below:

Based in Wellington, Physical is comprised of Julia (Black City Lights) and Nik (Junica, Over the Atlantic) who met at a karaoke bar in Chinatown, New York back in 2013. Since then, they’ve been writing together for Nik’s project Ghostwriters Collectives, which eventually became their debut album Ride It Out. As of now, the duo has a show coming up:

11/25 – Caroline (Wellington, New Zealand)