Death By Unga Bunga’s Video “Into The Night” Is Garage Rock On Acid

All your acid dreams in chintzy screen.

Photo: Marius Eriksen

With a name like Death By Unga Bunga, you can’t expect anything basic or even sober when it comes to their music videos. Their latest masterpiece “Into The Night” is exactly what would happen if garage rock took acid – it’s chaotically confusing, yet highly addictive. All the visuals are chintzy but they don’t disappear – it is unexpected, bizarre, and keeps your neurons hooked. You know it’s bad for your brain, but you can’t help watching. It’s like reality TV; from an aesthetic point of view, it doesn’t make sense. But fuck it, it’s entertaining af:

“This video is a delightful mashup of everything that’s cool. ‘Into The Night’ is about how to party. We like to party on jet fighters, playing guitar solos, clinging on for our lives to a flying carpet. Wouldn’t you?” shared drummer Ole Steinar Nesset.

The other members of Unga Bung are Sebastian Olsen, Preben Andersen, Stian Gulbrandsen, and Even Pettersen who are originally from Moss, Norway. The Norwegian quintet just wrapped up a bigass tour in the US and will play two more shows in Norway for this year. So see them live, if you are in Norway:

12/20 – Rockefeller Music Hall (Oslo, Norway)

12/26 – Tivoli Sportsbar (Moss, Norway)