Thunder Jackson Takes Us Into Bleak Cali Seduction In “Guilty Party”

This band was made in a taxi…literally.

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

What happens when you Oklahoma City meets the south coast of Wales in California? They become an irresistible force of bizarre, experimental pop (?) called Thunder Jackson. Formed by a duo who met while sharing a cab in Los Angeles, Thunder Jackson exudes a vintage Cali-kissed sound of laid-back tune and buoyant air that disguises dark undertones. It’s just like the city of angels – your ears get washed with dense euphonious synths while a subtle sense of melancholia starts seeping beneath you. Their video “Guilty Party” is a compilation of 70ish clips that move at a neck-breaking speed while flooding you with commercial aesthetics:

If you need more info, please call Thunder Jackson at 310-486-7882. No joke.

We don’t know much about the duo (despite the fact we know their phone number) since they seem to keep a low profile for now. All we know is that the two have been recording in a basement studio on the west side of LA and will be debuting their record soon.