Wulfman Fury’s “Draw The Line” Is For The Hopeless Over-Doers

Psyche pop for the stoned sober souls.

Photo: Courtesy of OIW Music

Sheffield quintet Wulfman Fury takes us into a nocturnal saga of a stoner who can’t seem to keep himself together in a house party in “Draw The Line.” Built on bouncy echoes of vocalist George Moran and layers of shattering percussions, the track swirls in your ears with cathartic narcotic air. Strangely enough, the lyrics are about knowing your boundaries even though melodically it exudes a pristine, blissful stoner vibe. Watch below:

“Draw The Line” is the follow up of the band’s debut track “Nightsweats” which was released this October and has been making buzz in the blogsphere. The other members of the Wulfman Fury gang are David Mitchell, Will Sevvers, Joe Moran, and Steve Harrison. The quintet is getting ready to release a full record in 2018 and will be playing some shows for the rest of this year:

11/25 – The Washington (Sheffield, UK)

12/16 – Yellow Arch (Sheffield, UK)