Alexander Arnold (Skins) Goes Mad In Kalli Ma’s Video “High Shot”

Electro post-punk madness.

Photo: Mona Cordes

London duo Kalli Ma has unveiled their dark and mind-swirling video “High Shot” featuring the actor Alexander Arnold (Skins, My Cousin Rachel, The Salvation) who seems to be on the verge between madness and sanity as he strolls around London. Directed by Katia Ganfield (No Tape Inside), the dark aesthetics of the visuals an Alex’ expressions compliment the moodiness and enigmatic air of the track. Watch below:

“High Shot” has a theatrical touch to it where the deliberate buildup and intricate bareness of the electronic elements isolate your mind into a pleasurably moody trance. The beats do not merely hit your eardrums, but create space that keeps stretching with every rhythmic buildup. “High Shot” is the follow up of their single “Promises,” which was released back in February and you can stream below:

Stay tuned for tour dates.