Mavi Phoenix Lacerates Basic Rap & Pop With Her Edgy Flair In ‘Young Prophets’

New EP

Photo: Lukas Gansterer

Hailing from Austria, Mavi Phoenix is lacerating the hip-hop soundscape with her own pop flair in her new EP Young Prophets. Integrating the old-school art of rapping with contemporary edgy pop, Mavi radiates a bold and ambitious style that takes the boundaries of both genres to another height. It is raw, bittersweet, and sharp confession of her strengths as well as vulnerabilities. Stream below:

The 22-year-old who has Syrian roots, started rapping and songsmithing at the age of eleven. Mavi has added “Janet Jackson” and “White Polo” to her EP, which is out today. Her previous singles from Young Prophets have already made buzz across international media, making her one of the most promising artists in the hip-hop and pop scenes.