Play Hard With Paria’s “91”

“I’mma make it a little hard for you”

Photo: Courtesy of Bøl Records

Norwegian songstress Paria gives us an electropical lesson on playing-hard-to-get when it comes to romance in her new single “91.” The catchy choruses and hopping rhythm make “91” an irresistible playlist topper for all occasions. The electropical beats and breezy arrangements of “91” give us that refreshing summer vibe we’ve been deprived of for months. If you’ve been suffering from vitamin D deficiency and torturing your date, then “91” is perfect for you. It won’t make up for your vitamin D deficiency, but will make you feel like you’re partying in the coast while ignoring your suitor’s texts:

In regards to her new single Paria shared, “I am so exited about releasing this new single! I have been doing chill songs since forever. For not long ago I received a beat from HALP that just made me so inspired that I had to go to the studio and write the melody and record the vocals the same day. It was just very natural and easy to vibe with it.”

Paria is currently working on new music and collabs, which she will be releasing in the upcoming months.