Sonali Immortalizes Intimacy In Her New R&B Single “Forever”

Buoyant pop.

Photo: Courtesy of LaFamos

NY-based songstress Sonali is back after taking a two-year hiatus with her new R&B-tinted pop single “Forever” where she immortalizes a moment of intimacy in a chest-swelling soundscape. “Forever” feels intimate and opts for a buoyant production that lets Sonali’s crispy vocals be at the top. Stream below:

Sonali debuted her EP Wake Up back in 2014 and started creating buzz in the pop scene; however, just a s she was about to embark on a tour in 2015, she was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. Since then, Sonali has been focusing on her recovery and comeback by moving from folk pop to R&B pop. As of now, she hasn’t shared any further details of a new record/show yet, but stay tuned for new music.