Time Is A Short-Lived Permanence In Sherpa’s “Fornever”

“It would feel like fornever”

Photo: Dennis Morton

Copenhagen duo Sherpa has the gift of coining terms for emotions that are too complicated to process – let alone describe it. Their new single “Fornever” is a piece of slow-burning, indietronic euphoria that translates the pseudo-permanence of time. Orchestrating waves of synths with breathing ambience, Sherpa heightens our senses to another level by taking us from introspective silence to cathartic choruses. Stream below:

“The lyrics reflect on those moments that, seem like they could last forever, but with a blink of an eye they disappear. Maybe they become distant memories, maybe you doubt if they ever happened – they become fornever moments. We want people to remember and appreciate those moments.” shared vocalist Carsten Eliasen.

The other half of Sherpa is Tore Nissen, who met Eliasen back in 2016 and started songsmithing together. Sherpa has already been making waves in the Danish music scene and played in the second biggest Danish festival, Smukfest, this summer. They have a show coming up:

12/7 – Vega (Copenhagen, Denmark)