Natty Reeves Injects Soul Into Old School Hip-Hop In “Under Your Thumb”

“You’ve got me where you want me / Under your thumb”

Photo: Courtesy of DeepMatter

UK singer Natty Reeves hybridizes warm elements of soul with classy hip-hop rhythm in his new single “Under Your Thumb” – a guitar-powered piece where Natty takes you to a Zen-like state with glimmering chords. Melodically, “Under Your Thumb” has a soothing consistency to it where the rhythmic twists don’t deviate further from the feel-good ambience anchored by the soul elements. It feels light, yet the tune is rich:

Hailing from Bristol, Natty Reeves blends elements of hip-hop, jazz, and soul to songsculpt his own sound. “Under Your Thumb” is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.