BATTS Debuts Her Saturn-Inspired EP ‘62 Moons’

Cosmic folk pop

Photo: Courtesy of Collected PR

Melbourne-based singer/songwriter BATTS has finally unveiled her debut EP 62 Moons where she takes us into a mind-stretching soundscape. The EP, named after the 62 moons of Saturn, highlights BATTS’ obsession with the space and her ability to blend psychedelia and shoegaze elements to craft a cosmic folk pop. Stream below:

“When NASA began to release the sounds of space it blew my mind. Saturn has always been my favourite for many reasons but when I first heard the sound of Saturn’s rings, it really connected. In that moment, I had the thought of combining the music we create as humans, with the natural music of things out in space that have existed for billions and billions of years. I want to instill knowledge of space within music to people, but not via lyrics – via sounds.” shared BATTS.

Batts will be touring Australia for the rest of the year, so make sure to check her out:

12/6 – The Gasometer Hotel (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

12/13 – BATTS ’62 Moons EP’ Launch (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)