Camden Cox Captures The Last Minute Of Heartbreak In “Did You Love Me?”

Dance-inducing heartbreak cure.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

London-based poptress Camden Cox is back with a feisty and dance-worthy single “Did You Love Me?” where the songstress pours out the last ounce of frustration from heartbreak. Produced and co-written by Jaded, “Did You Love Me?” has a firing kick to it where the crispy vocals of Camden take you into an emotional rollercoaster of regret and reminisce. Stream below:

“‘Did You Love Me?’ was written out of pure frustration!” explained Cox. “It channels that moment when you’re coming to the end of a relationship… something in your head clicks and you just – switch – off!”

Camden is planning to release a video for “Did You Love Me?” soon, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out her golden finger.