Eric Sharp Gets Us Infatuated On The Dancefloor With “Too Much” Ft. French Horn Rebellion

“I think I like you too much”

Photo: Mars Sandoval

With bone-tingling synths that send heighten your senses, Eric Sharp unleashes our adrenalines and feelings to the dancefloor with his new single “Too Much” ft. French Horn Rebellion. Tapping into the infatuation that someone can overpower us, “Too Much” is an unfiltered confession of liking someone more than what you or the other person can handle. It is a blissful overwhelming feeling, but the track also exudes a pinch of ominous vibe that reminds you of the dangers of coming off too strong. Stream below:

“I was totally spun out over a girl I’d met, and was in that giddy, near-manic stage of brand new obsession and infatuation, but also afraid to come on too strong and screw things up. Spoiler alert: I came on too strong and screwed things up,” Sharp shared.

For “Too Much,” Eric collaborated with French Horn Rebellion and Drew Kramer. The track is from Eric’s upcoming EP, Eric Sharp & Friends, which will be out in January 2018.