NoMBe Finds A Paradisiacal Midpoint Between Faith & Love In “Eden”

Donate your heart to love and faith.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Los Angeles-based electric soul singer, NoMBe, takes us into a dreamy melodic odyssey in his new single “Eden” where he taps into themes of love and faith. It is lyrically drenched with religious references, but by no means it is a religious song. Rather, it is a spiritual song of self-discovery and dissecting one’s relationship with other people and higher power. “Eden” is a delicate, brain-tingling piece that transcends you to an introspective trance with its splashy synths and smoky background. Stream below:

In regards to the track NoMBe explained, “‘Eden’ is one of the more complex songs on the album lyrically and a lot about the inner dialogues I’ve had in recent years.. In it, Love is personified and addressed as a character from my past. It deals with wanting to come back to love after having lost faith in it, but in the process also realizing that the flaws within ourselves and our partners are what makes it real. ‘…Love, we’re far from Eden, but I like it […] there’s room to grow.’ Furthermore, it can be taken as a conversation with god about having lost spiritual faith and also wanting to come back to it. There’s a lot of obvious religious referencing throughout the song which can be taken in many ways, but I just loved how it all interacted and shouldn’t be taken as a literal statement about my faith.”

“Eden” is from NoMBe’s upcoming debut record They Might’ve Even Loved Me, which will be out in January 2018. He has show dates coming up:

11/30 – The Echo (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

12/31 – SnowGlobe Music Festival (South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA)