Tripnaha’s Debut EP ‘1A’ Is A Theatrical Synthpop That Feels Like From Another Dimension

Best dosed in one seating.

Photo: Courtesy of Tripnaha

Swedish duo Tripnaha crafts a new dimension out of sound with their debut EP 1A. Manipulating ambient elements, splashy synths, echoing beats, and sliding chords, Tripnaha takes you into an otherworldly trance that feels timeless. The opener, “Apple Pie,” takes off with dripping beats that land into your ears intricately whereas the following track, “If Life,” has a more melodic fluidity and uplifting tones to it. In “Kan Du Inte Bara Säga Nåt” (“You Cannot Just Say Something”) Tripnaha takes us into a lyric-less, laid-back soundscape that feels like it was designed to give us a breather from the pace of hectic life. In here, Tripnaha gives us the comfort of silence with sound.

In each song, Tripnaha keeps the essence of their ambient pop but completely changes the structure and tone. “The Mood” starts off with a playful tone but ends with a distorted, ominous tone. The final track, “Days Fly,” is an enigmatic piece where the combination of slithering vocals and hopping beats create an unexpectedly euphonious dynamic.

Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, Tripnaha is Elin Johansoon and Fredd Jakobsen who start songsmithing together in spring of 2016. They released their first track “Immune” back in September of 2016. For their debut EP 1a, Tripnaha actually moved to Berlin to record their record. If you happen to be in Berlin in December, make sure to see them live:

12/27 – Wildenbruch Bar (Berlin, Germany)