If You’ve Been Guilty Of Repeating Mistakes, Hawai’s “Think About It” Is For You

Californian band named Hawai…think about it.

Photo: Hawai Facebook

This is going to sound confusing but Hawai is a Californian band…we’ll let you think about that for a second.

And now that’s out of the way, the quartet recently released their single “Think About It” where they frame alternative rock with synthpop trimmings. It is a reflective jam that follows the narrative of a boy and girl who seems to get back together despite the toxicity of the relationship. But beyond the narrative, the track is about our primitive penchant for making mistakes – admit it. There’s something rewarding doing the wrong things. And “Think About It” toys with that idea by pulling our streams of thoughts with echoing chords and dripping keyboards that take us from gentle meditation to bursting emotional hemorrhage. Stream below:

“I’ve always had this strange fascination with writing about regret and remorse. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I think there’s something intriguing about mistakes. Because there’s a lot to say about how you react when you make one.” shared Jake. “I wanted the lyrics to have this sense of tension. Something that everyone has experienced that is unmistakably uncomfortable.”

Comprised of Jake Pappas, Jesse Dorman, Jared Slybaugh, and Matt Gillen, Hawai is currently getting ready to release their EP Hide In The Ocean, which will be out on December 8th. Here’s an interesting trivia: Matt wrote “Think About It” during his flight to Iceland. So if you wondered how a band called Hawai from California could craft melodic chills, there’s your answer. Speaking of geography, you can physically see them in person in December:

12/7 – Constellation Room (Santa Ana, CA, USA)

12/11 – School Night (Los Angeles, CA, USA)