KYLYPSO’s New EP ‘Soon Fun’ Is Cathartic & Groovy Therapy For Synthpop Lovers

EP designed to unshitty any situation.

Photo: Courtesy of Lost In The Manor PR

East London trio KYLYPSO gives us a pinch of optimism and glorious therapeutic beats with their new EP, Soon Fun. Labeling as ‘synthpop’ only covers the surface of the EP’s variegated and deep soundscape – yes, we said DEEP. The trio really goes on an emotional lyrical excavation of heartbreaks, vulnerabilities, and self-discovery without losing their groovy flow. There are intimate conversational moments (“Nights”) and chest-swelling cries (“Blame Love”) where KYLYPSO uses to hybridize synthpop. If you are in search for a genre-bending EP that can help with your emotional hangover, we prescribe Soon Fun on repeat:

KYLYPSO is what you would expect if Tame Impala and Caribou had an offspring out of wedlock. The trio will be playing a show on December, so make sure you tell them how much you love them:

12/5 – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (London, UK)