The New Fever Conjures Nocturnal Spirit Of Christmas In “A Christmas Night”

Meet the “new” dream pop duo from Denmark.

If the duo in “A Christmas Night” video look and sound familiar, you aren’t hallucinating. Formerly known as Spacey Kevin, the Danish duo decided to switch monikers to The New Fever and share their latest work “A Christmas Night.” Although it seems a bit odd that their “debut” song under the new name is a Christmas song, that’s what The New Fever is all about. This is the type of band where you can expect to find smoked-out pop that uncoils your imagination to unexpected directions. With “A Christmas Night,” we find ourselves in a melancholic peace where the monotone, lo-fi buzz conjures the vulnerability and introspection that happen during the nocturnal hours of winter. Watch the vintage-y video below:

Comprised of Esben and Michael, The New Fever takes a DIY approach when it comes to their music and cinematography. Check out their previous works:

The New Fever keeps a low profile for now (don’t expect this duo Instagram their salads anytime soon), but they are on Facebook.