The Radar Post Taps Into Love Vs. Addiction In “Lifeline”

Shoegaze rock

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

Danish rocker The Radar Post takes us to from the valley low point of addiction to optimistic recovery in his new track “Lifeline.” While The Radar Post’s previous sound was mostly folksy, in “Lifeline” he takes a more introspective and shoegaze trajectory. Despite the darkness of the topic, the track has buoyant undertones where the gleaming chords and upbeat rhythmic pulse focuses on the invigorating, emotional recovery. Stream below:

“This track is retrospective of a time before I realized alcohol was taking the best of me”, Svane shared. “It was hard to realise how I had lied to myself for a long time… It was a crazy recognition process… So at the same time it’s a song about hitting rock bottom and also about love. Give in to it. Change for it – change for the better.”

The Radar Post is the solo project of Esben Svane, who is a former drummer of A Friend in London. Esben has already released a solo record two years ago and two EPs as well. “Lifeline” is from his upcoming album, A Good Adjustment To Reality, which will be out in February 2018. He will start touring Denmark and Germany in March/April, so stay tuned for tour dates.