Adrian Underhill Takes Us Into A Contemporary 70s Waltz Pop In “CU Again”

Plus share new single “Weather”

Photo: Courtesy of Adrian Underhill

Canadian artist, Adrian Underhill, takes us into an intimate and intricate waltz in his new video “CU Again” where we see him circling around the room as if he was dancing with us. The cinematography of the video has an intimate touch to it and lifts us into a dreamy trance. It’s got a 70s-ish vibe to it despite the modern rhythmic trimmings of synth drips and chord layers. Watch below:

“The 10 songs on CU Again are the culmination of many years of sonic exploration. I sat with a keyboard and one drum machine and tried not to play too much with production ideas at first. The tunes have a classic ‘70s songwriter vibe, even though we ultimately wanted to push the production into a more modern realm. This simple, direct way of songwriting is me at my best. As a person with a lot of privilege I felt like these songs had to count – they had to really mean something to me.” explained Adrian.

In addition, Adrian has also shared his latest single “Weather”:

Both tracks are from his debut album titled CU Again as well and will be out on February 9th, 2018. As of now, Adrian has tour dates coming up next year:

2/7 – Quai des Brumes (Montreal, QC, Canada)

2/8 – Drake Underground (Toronto, ON, Canada)