J Appiah Taps Into Political Tension With Daunting Grace In “Come Around” Ft. Kojey Radical

“I don’t want to change you / I just want you to be who you are”

Photo: J Appiah Facebook

UK artist J Appiah addresses the separation and oppression people face due to modern politics in his new single “Come Around” ft. Kojey Radical. Bursting question that people are too afraid to vocalize (“who the hell do I talk to? / Couldn’t find a voice I believe in / Couludn’t find a reason to trust the truth”), J Appiah nails emotions and thoughts with intricately built rhythms and smooth melody. His introspective presence paired with Kojey’s dynamic one unpeels the societal complexities that often puts pressure unto our selfhood. Watch below:

“What I had in mind when creating this was on the subject of people feeling they can’t be their true selves for better or worse. Politically at the moment people are revealing some of their uglier parts.” explained J Appiah

J Appiah started making waves with his latest project “Travelight.” Holding a degree in Social Anthropology, he has always been interested in dissecting people’s minds and behaviors. As of now, he hasn’t shared any show dates.