Stop Swiping & Relive Your Hopeless Teen Romance With Cones’ “First Time”

Because teen hormones are 20x easier to deal with than adulting.

Photo: Cones – First Time (Official Video) YouTube

If there’s anything that is experiencing resurrection this Christmas (aside from Mariah Carey’s career) are your teenage hormones. Specifically, the hopeless romantic ones that make you giggle and stalk your subject of interest for hours. And you can thank Cones’ new single “First Time” for that. The LA-based brother duo just shared their video for it where we see a hybrid of old vintage clips with animated characters that look like the brain vomit of your Headspace session. The track itself is a posh, buzzed piece that has a pinch of nostalgia and cheery melancholia to it. There’s also a cosmic feel to it where Cones’ smooth echoing croons and floating beats deviate your mind into another space – just like when you were a teen. Watch the video:

“First Time” is out now via Dangerbird Records and Cones will be playing their last show of 2017 this Thursday. Go say hi:

12/7 – Moroccan Lounge (Los Angeles, CA, USA)