Sherpa Takes Us Into Gravity Distortion In “Fornever”

“The lyrics reflect on those moments that, seem like they could last forever, but with a blink of an eye they disappear.”

Photo: SHERPA – Fornever YouTube

Danish duo Sherpa takes us into a surrealistic and enigmatic world in “Fornever” where we see the duo roam through the dark hallways while a mysterious lady floats around, defying the laws of gravity. It is meditative and dark, but provides an aesthetic reality distortion where the slo-mo pace creates a timeless feel to it. Watch below:

Sherpa is Tore Nissen and Carsten Eliasen who started songsmithing together back in 2016. The moniker is based on Carsten’s Nepalese Sherpa heritage. The sherpas from Himalayas used to guide travelers on their dangerous journeys to the top of the mountains. Similarly, Sherpa aims to
“take people to the places where they feel the insecurity.”

Currently, Sherpa has a show date coming up:

12/7 – Vega (Copenhagen, Denmark)


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