Eureka Meets Garage Rock Swag In Michael Jablonka’s “I Found You”

Meet the rising guitar maestro.

Photo: Jodie Canwell

UK-based singer Michael Jablonka strikes guitar strings as if the garage rock spirits possessed him – not only does he create emotions out of sound, but also elevates all of your senses by sending frisson through your goosebumps. In his second single “I Found You,” Michael captures the bliss of eureka moment we experience with gleaming, raw chords. Stream below:

“I had writer’s block,” explained Jablonka, “and a chorus with nothing much else. I imagined the verses to be a constant build up and wanted the chorus to be that break-free moment.”

Blending elements of blues, garage rock, and soul, Michael Jablonka has been striking the guitar since the age of 14. “I Found You” is from Jablonka’s debut double-A, released via Lost In The Manor Records.