Same Waves Share Slow-Burning Smoky Jams “My Way” & “Night Ride”

Hauntingly delicate.

Photo: Courtesy of flau Records

If you are looking for a delicate melancholic soundscape to unwind in, then Same Waves’ new singles “My Way” and “Night Ride” deliver just that. Mixing the slow-burning rhythm of soul and bluesy beats, Same Waves creates an intricately built atmosphere that mesmerizes us with its delicate darkness. It is haunting, but the type that stirs soothing emotions of melancholia and introspection. Stream below:

Same Waves is the collaborative project of Lindsay Anderson and John Hughes, who first crossed paths back in 2002 when Lindsay was recording vocals for Telefon Tel Aviv’s 12” single “Sound In A Dark Room,” which was released in John’s record label Hefty Records. Same Waves is John’s new project in 13 years (before that, he was known for his musical project Slicker) and Lindsay’s new project since L’Altra (which has been in hiatus). Both tracks are from Same Waves’ upcoming record Algorithm of Desire, which will be out in 2018.